About the Founder 

Reconciliation or the art of bringing people together.

Most of us would agree that our current world is broken, especially in our relationship with the Divine, our relationship to our heritage, to traditional cultures and to pre-modern paradigms.

Many human beings live a fragmented and broken life, feeling not only cut off from each other, but also cut off from a deep part of their own being, from what makes us all who we are. 

But what is the solution? How do we get back to a human state of equilibrium?

In this context, my job is to help accompany my brothers and sisters in existence on this path of life in which we all walk side by side. The foundation and the heart of my accompaniment is to allow them to rediscover and live a connection with their heritage, with sacred texts and with pre-modern concepts which have defined for so long what it means to be a human being, and that without which our links with the Sacred crumble and fade away. And this is ultimately what I call in reality: simply becoming a human being. The accomplished being who has fully grasped the essence of his existence.

My commitment is to allow each and everyone to realize in all authenticity their reality as human beings. Becoming aware and awakened to their purest and deepest reality will necessarily lead to being able to clearly recognize the life path of what truly defines him or her.

Being at the crossroads of several currents of culture, language and education, I thus find myself in this situation both privileged and obligated by our time  to put into words, ideas and concepts in an accessible format to a wide audience that can help in this pursuit.


I like to say that my training was above all a journey of life, experiences and awareness driven by a desire to make things more beautiful, greater and truer.

As a child of a learned father, a graduate of Zaytuna University in Tunisia, and a spiritual guide grandfather, I grew up immersed in an environment in which the search for knowledge punctuated the course of our family life. I saw and was impregnated throughout my childhood with natural relationships and exchanges  that the members of the community maintained with each other.

When I was older, at the age when you began to make your own choices in life and build your own path, I first turned to studies in international law, sincerely believing that it was the best way to bring about positive change in the world. Very quickly, I found myself attracted by the world of spirituality, and it was then that I decided to follow this new path that was opening up to me. My journey first led to the home of Shaykh Abul Qasim bil Khayri, a teacher of a sacred spiritual order. For ten years, he taught me the art of loving the Messenger of God, the practice of Islamic meditation, as well as the art of managing a community of brotherhood and companionship.

Later, I met the great scholar Habib Omar ibn Hafidh, born of a centuries-old tradition of spreading and inviting to spiritual Truth in the most direct and universal way possible. This meeting was a turning point in my way of approaching this mission in which I had committed my life to. It awakened in me a new determination to find creative ways to meet the spiritual needs of anyone seeking meaning for their existence in this context of modernity. Thus a clearer vision of what I could bring and transmit took shape in me. I then made the choice to dedicate myself to teaching and deepening my religious knowledge. I continued this search for knowledge with scholars who possessed this expertise in a living way. They embodied their teachings and it was this that I aspired to learn from them. I loved the life that they emitted and knew how to transmit, because what do you look for when you want to acquire expertise, if not to live with it for eternity? He who seeks knowledge is in reality only seeking life, and it is only with the living that the being can be reborn again. So here is a requirement to which I have always attached myself: it is at the feet of a living being who lives what he is sharing that the life of the heart is reinforced and maintained. And it was while traveling in Syria, Egypt and Yemen that I had the opportunity to meet such people.


Over the past few years, my partner Shehnaz Karim and I have set up projects in Canada and France. Our goal: to facilitate the personal development of people while demonstrating the universality and accessibility of the teachings of the different universal spiritual traditions and of Islam itself.

My Recent Publications

A Rajab Sweep & A Divine Breeze

Feb 28, 2023