Welcome to The Ha-Mim Institute's English website. The institute is dedicated to sharing the teachings of Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa and the message of faith he brings to humanity. This portal is hosted by Shaykh Hamdi and managed by friends of the institute. 

As friends, we are regular people like you who are seeking a message of faith that is both spiritual and rational. We have found these teachings to be both liberating and empowering in helping us understand faith deeply and dynamically, and in a way that is relevant to our modern lives. And so, we want to share this message of faith to the world, along with the light of hope it brings to hearts and humanity.

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Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa established the Ha-Mim Institute for the purpose of sharing a coherent message, philosophy, and approach to faith that challenges religious misunderstandings and shifts paradigms. This message nourishes both the heart and mind and responds to the needs of our time.

Our Vision

Your relationship with God has to go beyond the duality of obedience and disobedience, into the realm of Oneness. You obey and disobey, you pray and don’t pray. But you are still the lover and student of God.

Obedience is something; friendship with God is another thing. Let your aim be to remain in the company of God (الصّحبة) - not to do things right (الصّحّة). This rule applies to all love relationships if you think about it. Good company does not mean to be perfect or to do things right all the time.

Stressing out over mistakes doesn’t work. Unhealthy pressure you may put on yourself doesn’t work. Guilt doesn’t work.

Allow this paradigm to liberate you and open to a new perspective in your relationship with God.

Current Features

What is the Land of Revelation Telling Us?

From the current violence we see in Palestine, and through  other injustices throughout the world - what is God revealing to us? There is a deep spiritual lesson for us and we have a critical role to play for the outcome of all of humanity..

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Raising Consciousness

A conversation between Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa regarding consciousness development. Several topics are discussed in this virtual (yet real) meeting, including the balance between satisfying and striving against the needs of our bodies along the spiritual journey. They go on to discuss tools in developing consciousness for the seeker of God, and being open to receiving God’s eternally present Divine Grace.

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The Straight Path

In Surat al-Fatiha, "al-moustaqim" is often translated as "The Straight Path". However, what we may understand as "straight", may not necessarily be accurate. Sirat al-moustaqim is in fact the universal, intelligent path that can embrace all imperfections..


Youth Leadership Program

Run in partnership with the Rhoda Foundation, the Circle of Light is a youth leadership program aimed to empower young men and women through teaching the art of Islamic thinking and living.

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