Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa

The art of bringing people together.

Most of us would agree that we are living in difficult times. Many people are feeling fragmented and cut off from the Divine; cut off from each other; and cut off from a deeper part of our own being that makes us who we truly are. 

How can we reconnect to our true human state and restore peace, well-being, and contentment within ourselves and in this world?

In this context, my mission is to accompany my brothers and sisters in humanity on the path of life, and allow them to rediscover and live a connection with their true identity. This is done by clarifying misconceptions; providing a relevant and empowering message of faith; and explaining faith in a manner that is relevant to our time and context.

This is ultimately what I call in reality simply becoming a human being - the accomplished one who has fully grasped the essence of his existence.


My commitment is to allow each and everyone to realize their reality as full, authentic human beings. Becoming aware and awakened to our purest and deepest reality will necessarily lead to recognizing the life path that the Divine has uniquely blessed for us. Being at the crossroads of several currents of culture, language and education, I find myself both privileged and obligated by our time to put words, ideas and concepts in an accessible format to a wide audience that can help in this pursuit.

I believe that above all, my training is the journey of life - the experiences and awareness driven by a desire to make things more beautiful, greater and truer.

As a child of a scholarly father, a grandson of a spiritual guide & elder, and having graduated from the Zaytuna University in Tunisia, I was brought up immersed in an environment where the search for knowledge punctuated the course of our family life. I was raised from my earliest childhood with natural relationships and exchanges that the members of the community maintained with each other.

When I reached the age when one begins to make their own choices in life and build their own path, I first turned to studies in international law, believing that it was the best way to bring about positive change in the world. Very quickly I found myself attracted by the world of spirituality, and it was then that I decided to follow this new path.


My journey first led to the home of Shaykh Abul Qasim bil Khayri, a teacher of a sacred spiritual order. For ten years, he taught me the art of loving the Messenger of God, the practice of Islamic meditation, as well as the art of managing a community of brotherhood and companionship.

Later, I met the great scholar Habib Omar ibn Hafidh, born of a centuries-old tradition of spreading and inviting to spiritual Truth. This meeting awakened in me a new determination to find creative ways to meet the spiritual needs of anyone seeking meaning for their existence in this context of modernity.  

Throughout my life journey I have spent time with many different faith communities across the world. Although they do not on the surface identify as muslims, I have experienced their hearts receptive to a connection with the Divine Light. This has only further awakened in me an ever growing determination to facilitate for mankind altogether, the spiritual journey in discovering our common ground with our true essential identity, as HUmans who all truly belong to God.

Over the past few years I have set up projects in both Canada and France. The goal is to facilitate personal, emotional and spiritual development while demonstrating the universality and accessibility of the essential teachings of Islam to all humans. This is how we can all truly live together in this world in peace and harmony.


The Straight Path

Nov 19, 2023


Aug 04, 2023