The Ha-Mim Audience

We are sincere seekers and free thinkers who are open to new paradigms of understanding.


In these times more than ever, many of us are feeling disconnected from the traditional institution of faith. We have many unanswered questions but have not found them adequately answered in a way that resonates with what we truly know nourishes our soul and our connection to the Divine.

We are seeking more light in our religion and looking for a deeper and more dynamic meaning to our lives and to faith. Some have disassociated from conventional mosques and prayer spaces, tired of messages that do not engage our hearts and often prioritize outer observances rather than an authentic spiritual connection.

Many of us have also suffered a crisis of faith. We are trying to reconcile Islam as their tradition but are often confused by the lack of coherence and contradictions we have experienced through "conventional" religious teachings and approaches.

Many of us are parents who need to provide more thoughtful and mature answers to our children - answers that go beyond dogmatic understanding of religious practices that are grounded in LOVE. 

All of us have in common that we are sincere seekers and free thinkers who are open to new and more coherent paradigms of understanding.

The Ha-Mim Vision

A spiritually progressive message, relevant to our context and time.


The Ha-Mim Institute was created to respond to this huge need, by bringing a spiritually progressive message that is relevant to our context and time.

Through the teachings of Shaykh Hamdi ben Aissa and the Ha-Mim Institute, we strive to share a COHERENT message, philosophy and approach to faith that challenges religious misunderstandings and shifts paradigms.

We are progressive in our minds and spiritual in our souls. Our message speaks to both the heart and mind, explaining the Quran and Prophetic teachings in a way that is relevant and accessible in our context.

Recent Publications

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