Classes & Events

Short, On-Demand Course on Fasting

A short self-paced, on-demand class, where we dive into the deeper spiritual practice of fasting. Designed to transform your Ramadan experience and guide you on how to best invest this month as a spiritual exercise.

Packaged as short videos spanning only 2.5 hours. Tailored for those looking for something short yet impactful.

Philosophy and Spirituality


Run in partnership with the Rhoda Foundation, Philosophy and Spirituality is a youth discussion group aimed to empower young men and women and provide them better rooting in the Islamic rational and spiritual tradition.

Conversing with God: The Art of Living Duality

Run in partnership with the Rhoda Foundation, Conversing with God: The Art of Living Duality is a four session class on the art of praying and a meditative study of the famous prayer of Imam Ali Dua Kumayl.  

All-Inclusive Spiritual Wellness Retreat May 17-20, 2024

The Rhoda Foundation invites you to an all-inclusive weekend program with Hamdi Ben Aissa on May 17-20, in Brantford, Ontario. 

Join us in an intimate and meditative setting as we delve into The Keys to Understanding the Divine Revelation.

Futuhat al-Makiyyah

A meditation on Ibn Arabi's Futuhat al-Makiyyah (Meccan Openings). Shaykh Hamdi will read from this spiritually enlightening text and will explore its spiritual significances for our lives. 

Wednesday's 7pm - 9pm EST

Circle of Light

Run in partnership with the Rhoda Foundation, the Circle of Light is a youth leadership program aimed to empower young men and women through teaching the art of Islamic thinking and living.

Dare to Read 

We invite you to discover the deep meanings of the Quran and learn to let it guide you to reconnect with the Source of all God, the Apostle of Peace Muhammad¬†Ô∑ļ, and ultimately -¬†your true self.

Spiritual Guided Meditation

I invite you to align our intellect, your feelings, your emotions, and your spirit through dhikr (the remembrance of the Divine). This is done through developing an authentic development of love and attachment, spiritual realization, and embodiment of the beautiful attributes of the Divine.