Feel like you're not living up to your potential in your journey with the Qur'an and in life? 

In reality, the Holy Quran is full of gems for our hearts, minds, and souls. One only needs to go beyond the limiting concepts and dogmas that are blocking us from fully experiencing its beauty and dive into this vast ocean that God sent us to discover who we truly are and learn how to realize our deepest potential.
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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for every soul longing for a deeper purpose in life. It will be of help to anyone who wants to discover all that is more to the Quranic message, which is often turned into a political and ideological agenda.
More generally, a soul who wants to discover what Islam has to offer as a way of personal and spiritual development. The course is especially adapted for teenagers (13+)

What will I learn?
  • What are the different dimensions of my inner being?

  • How is the Quran a manual of personal development?

  • How do I develop and cultivate a healthy relationship with the Quran?

  • The deep possible meanings of several key Surahs of the Quran

  • What are the challenges of translations and how do I approach them?

What does the course offer?
  • 14 modules

  • A downloadable workbook including explanations, exercises, and illustrations

  • Life-long access to all content

  • A final exam




$30 CAD

*Ramadan Special*


I am aware of the value of this course and would like to purchase it as per my current ability to nurture the seed of consciousness.



$30 CAD

*Ramadan Special*


I recognize the value of this course and would like to purchase it at its current value and price to nurture the seed of gratitude. 



$30 CAD

*Ramadan Special*


I wish to take this opportunity to develop growth in my journey and support the growth of this project with my contribution. 

Allahu Akbar

"I registered for this masterclass and found this to be exceptional teaching. I recommend it for anyone who wants to invest in themselves and wants to increase the quality of his relationship with the Word of God."

- Kahina, Medical Professional

"As a grown woman who was born and raised in the faith, the Fatiha (chapter of opening) is one of those chapters I could confidently say I am deeply familiar with and know inside and out. Yet, through Shaykh Hamdi's teachings, I leave feeling like I have been reintroduced to this chapter and many other chapters in a more profound way, and with a deeper understanding every single time.  Go ahead and dive into this Ocean with this master teacher, treasures await you. "

- Heba, Analyst and Freelancer