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Fasting and the Art of Hosting the Divine

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A 5-Part self-paced course designed to transform your Ramadan experience as you learn how to host the Divine

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5 Self-Paced Session | 3 hours | Lectures + Guided Meditation Exercises



What is the spiritual training behind fasting? How does the spiritual dimensions of fasting differ from most other forms of worship, such as prayer? And what connection does fasting have to breathing?

In this short self-paced class, we will dive into the deeper spiritual practice of fasting and understand Ramadan as a spiritual exercise to help us receive and host the Divine. We will learn how "saum" is much more than bodily fasting, and how breathing well is closely linked to fasting, as both are integral tools for hosting and receiving the Divine.

This course aims to transform how you engage in your relationship with the Divine and is especially important for those open to seeing Ramadan as a spiritual development training exercise.


Length of Course

Estimated time to complete course: 2.5 to 3 hours

This course is self-paced. All classes are available upon registration and never expire.



Class 1: Witnessing and Hosting the Divine (41mins)

Class 2: Breathing Exercises and Meditation (18mins)

Class 3: Fasting, Breathing, and Eating (33mins)

Class 4: Powerful Prayers and the Divine Love in Food (35mins)

Class 5: Aligning Our Intentions to the Divine Intention (22mins)


Topics Covered

Together in this video series, we will explore:

  • The deeper meaning of ‚Äúsaum‚ÄĚ, commonly¬†understood as¬†fasting
  • What it means to witness and host the Divine
  • How proper breathing is integral to hosting the Divine
  • The relationship between breathing and fasting as spiritual development practices
  • The intent¬†of Ramadan as a spiritual training program
  • How to align our intention to the Divine intention
  • And much more


Practical Exercises

Throughout this video series, we will provide you with resources and exercises to help you host the Divine throughout this month:

  • Breathing exercises to help you connect with your spirit
  • Meditation practice
  • Select meditative prayers when delivering the fast
  • Intention setting exercise,¬†on how to align your¬†intention to God's¬†will¬†

This course was originally delivered in-person at the Rhoda Foundation as a pre-Ramadan seminar. We are now making it available on demand, so everyone may benefit from a proper spiritual understanding and practice of receiving the Divine in our lives.


Below are sample gems taken from this class

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image


Anyone looking to understand this month dynamically, through the lens of receiving the Divine in your life. Typically appropriate for those 16+ years



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May this Ramadan be a training exercise through which you find yourself available to receive the Divine.
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