Philosophy and Spirituality

Youth Discussion Group

A program to empower the rational and spiritual development of young men and women.


This Ramadan, we will be offering weekly youth discussion groups connecting the participants to the rational and spiritual legacy of Islam. The discussion groups will be held in the late afternoon of the Ramadan days, a time that was used by many illuminated people to dive deep into personal and spiritual inquiry. 


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Rooted Mentors

Connected and well-rooted mentors who are acquainted with the challenges youth face today and can help them navigate their lives to become compassionate, authentic and whole humans.

True Safe Space

A safe space to ask difficult questions about faith and life. Within this safe space, we encourage the youth to bring their toughest dilemmas as we challenge them to become true seekers. 

Holistic Approach 

A holistic approach to youth development & growth with relationship-building oportunities to one's peers, elders and greater society.

Facilitating a deep exploration of foundational aspects of faith to engender an empowered rooted identity in the Divine. 


Week 1-  The Divine and The Unseen

Week 2- The Prophet, Prophetess, Guided Ones and the Spirit of Guidance 

Week 3- How to Interact with the Word of God (the Quran)?

Week 4- The Role of Rituals

Program Eligibility and Requirements



Term Date: March 11 - April 9 



We endeavour to hold space for young minds to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Guided by  Hamdi Ben Aissa and co-facilitated by Mahdi Hassan and Sarah Walsh, all of whom are experienced and well rooted mentors who are acquainted with the challenges youth face today and can help them navigate their lives to become compassionate, authentic and whole humans.

Our vision is to cultivate a safe and nurturing space where youth can explore the realms of rationality and spirituality with curiosity and openness; a space where they are encouraged to bring their toughest dilemmas as we challenge them to become true seekers. 

We envision each session as an opportunity for participants to engage in enriching discussions that challenge their beliefs, encourage critical thinking, and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through philosophical inquiries and spiritual reflections, we aim to spark profound insights and foster intellectual growth among our youth.

Our exchange group is more than just a forum for intellectual exploration; it is a platform for building meaningful connections and fostering a sense of belonging. We envision participants coming together to share meals, bond over shared experiences, and forge lasting friendships.



This is a multifaceted program that encompasses major aspects of Islamic and universal spirituality and philosophical inquiries. The topics we will discuss will include:

Week 1: The Divine and The Unseen

  • ¬†What do we call God?
  • ¬†Who and what is God?
  • ¬†How do we interact with God?
  • ¬†Is¬†there a difference between God and Lord?
  • ¬†What is the¬†place for better terminology?
  • ¬†How do we relate to the Unseen and what is the place of the Unseen in our lives?¬†


Week 2: The Prophet, Prophetess, guided ones and the Spirit of Guidance

  • ¬†What the functions of the¬†Prophets and their missions?
  • ¬†Who is the Prophet Muhammad (may God empower is light and connection to him) to us?


Week 3: The Word of God

  • ¬†What does it mean for God to speak¬†to humans?
  • ¬†How to interact with the Word of God (i.e. the Quran)?


Week 4: The Role of Rituals

  • ¬†Why do we have rituals?
  • ¬†How do we live them in a healthy way?
  • ¬†Is there a place for a different form of ritual?
  • ¬†What is the role of the environment and nature in the rituals we practice?



WHEN: Fridays 5PM - 7PM


Our programs run continuously once a week in the month of Ramadan to ensure that the youth have ongoing opportunities for growth and development.

Each discussion group will be focused on one topic. 

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Four Courses | Mar 11 - Apr 09

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  • Life-long Mentorship access
  • Deep engaging learning on fundamental aspects of faith with a relevant understanding of the challenges of youth

*This Ramadan, all activities of the Ha Mim Institute will be held in collaboration with the Rhoda Foundation. All payments are donations that go towards supporting the Rhoda Foundation Ramadan Fundraising Campaign and will be eligible for a donation receipt.

We whole heartedly support the work of this Canadian charitiable foundation and hope to see it continue to keep its doors open and serve its local community and people across the world. 


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