With only a few days left until the retreat, we are no longer accepting registrations through the website.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to [email protected]

Please note that any registrations at this point cannot be guarenteed.

Step 2:

Please submit a registration form below for each attending participant. 

STEP 2: Complete Application

Applying for Financial Assistance

If you would love to attend but require assistance with registration fees, please fill out the application to apply for financial assistance. Based on availability and your application. 

Apply for Financial Aid (For Attendees)

Consider Paying it Forward

Contribute to our Financial Aid Fund and help support attendees who would love to attend and benefit, but do not have limited financial means. 

Suggested Amounts: Add $40, $100, or $200, or any other amount to your payment.

All contributions are tax deductible. You will be issued a tax receipt. 

Paying-it-Forward but Cannot Attend?

We invite you to pay-it-forward and see it, in reality, as your own attendance. Be the means by which other people’s hearts bloom in faith, and witness the exact same unfolding in your own life.

Please submit this quick form below, so we may track and these amounts particularly towards this retreat.

Pay-it-Forward (For Non-Attendees)